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Rent | August 2014

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We sort of dropped the ball on the reminder for this one, so don’t forget to pay rent for the month of August!

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Please follow Harmony!

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tenant application accepted!

Harmony Pearce - New Directions Apartments

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Please unfollow Dave Karofsky.

The player has decided to step down from the role due to time constraints. We wish the player best on your future endeavors and thanks for rooming with us. :)

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2014 NYFREDS Survey To Be Conducted

Personal privacy issues affected by cash reward? What experts might not be telling you…


Tuesday, August 19, 2014, 6:25 PM EST

The Sylvester Research Foundation of Greater Metropolitan New York issued a pubic declaration that they were commencing their 2014 NYFREDS Survey just today.

They are looking for participants of voting age and older to follow the tumblog created specifically for this survey (sylvesterresearchfoundation), reblog the survey questions on to their own blogs and answer them, and surveyors will be eligible for a cash reward when completing every question of the survey when the survey ends. 

"It’s not about doing it daily that matters," said an exasperatedly charming researcher from the Sylvester Research Foundation of Greater Metropolitan New York when explaining the NYFREDS Survey to NYDN, "real survey results in the realness relating to the responses from survey." He went on to say that as long as participants¬†finished the survey, the generous reimbursement from the research team would apply. People hypothesize that it is up to 1 million dollars.

The Sylvester Research Foundation of Greater Metropolitan New York said via press release that the 2014 NYFREDS Survey aims to make New York City a relatable place for all walks of life in the future, and that all participation is appreciated.

More information on this story as it develops.

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